About Us​​




 Hi my name is Tom Ruscher i have owned and opperated Hunterdon County Restoration for 37 years and have always been proud to offer high quality work for reasonable prices We will do our best to forfill our comitments. I belive my customers will be my best salesperson when we deliver high qulity products                         908-797-6046        feel free to call or text 
I we have very high standards and belive our work will stand the test of time. When we put mutch energy in to a job to make it stand out as a qulity piece, people are more apt to appreachet it and take better care of it which will help maney of our product look good hopefully for genarations 
Working on the inside of a family home on a large project can be quite stressful. We always keep the work aera tidy ,use dropsloths through the home and dust barriors walls. We try our best te compleat the project quickly without giving up on quality.